Silent Sunday – 24.04.11

24 Apr

Silent Sunday


Cars Crocs – a review

14 Apr

As soon as I saw these on Little Sunflowers I knew I had to have them for my little man who is Cars mad.  Last Summer, when he was turning 2 we bought some cheap Croc imitations but the quality was just not comparable to the genuine article so I was determined to get him the real deal this year. The lovely Andy sprung to my rescue and offered to send me a pair so that Aidan and I could put them through their paces!

When they arrived (extremely promptly!) and Aidan saw them his eyes completely lit up, he sat down on the floor immediately and demanded to have them put on!  To be honest, he was just being lazy as the style is so easy for little ones to put on themselves for hasty garden fun!

Cars Crocs

The fantastic design in full

Talking of garden fun, these have been well and truly ‘road-tested’ in our garden, Nanny’s garden, at the local playground and at the local Country Park.  After a walk round visiting the farm animals in the park I was really pleased to be able to wipe all the mud from these with an anti-bacterial wipe – something you can’t do as easily with fabric sandals and who wants to wear closed in shoes or wellies when the sun is shining!

Crocs Back Strap

Great attention to detail!

We’re planning a holiday in the next few weeks and I love the idea that these can be slipped on really quickly and easily for using around the pool/on the beach but that they are also extremely comfortable for him if we decide to take a trip somewhere with more walking.  As with all Crocs there are several ‘holes’ to allow the air to circulate, keeping tootsies cool!  Another bonus for packing in a suitcase is that they are lightweight!

Basically, in case you couldn’t already tell, I love these shoes just as much as my little man does and would recommend them to anyone with a Cars mad little one.   As already mentioned, they’re available from Little Sunflowers for £19.99 – bargain!

10/10 & 5 stars from us!



I was sent a pair of Cars Crocs courtesy of Andy at Little Sunflowers in exchange for an honest review.  I was not offered any further incentive in order to give a favourable review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Silent Sunday – 10.04.11

10 Apr

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday 03.04.11

2 Apr


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday – 27.03.11

27 Mar

Silent Sunday

Do they sell them in B&Q?

24 Mar

Trying to get information out of Aidan about what he did during his afternoon at pre-school is like trying to get AB+ from a pebble.

However, in his ‘I’m-so-tired-you-must-take-me-to-bed-now-this-instant-immediately-and-no-I-don’t-want-a-bath’ state one absolutely classic gem came out.

Aidan: “Mummy, I went in the cage”

Me: “The what now?!”

Aidan: “The cage, Mummy”

Further conversation was obviously beyond him as he then said ‘n’night’ & laid down.

So I’m left wondering, what the Hell is this ‘cage’ he’s referring to and, more to the point, as he’s clearly so exhausted from being in it, where can I get one?



Control Freak…..

24 Mar

I’m sure this will not come as a surprise to you, given my previous post about my OCD, but I am a control freak.

I find it very hard to delegate any tasks at all which really doesn’t help my stress levels.

Having said that, I’ve found it relatively easy to delegate to Aidan’s preschool for 2.5hrs every Thursday afternoon.  It must be because he’s such a little sod angel.

However, I am struggling with the fact that, other than what can be gleaned from the brief chat with his key worker when he’s collected or from the little tidbits of information that Aidan chooses to share, I have very little idea what he has been doing while he’s been there.

Last week he came home with purple paint on his hand and top, so I’m guessing he painted a picture.  (I’m so clever!)  He also started talking about things being bigger or smaller and saying Sharon (his key worker) had been showing him big and small stuff, so I’m guessing they did work on that too.

I understand that the focus is really on playing (Learning through Play) but I still want to know what he’s been doing!  I also understand that, at £10 a session rather than £60+ for a full day at nursery, I can’t expect the detailed notes the nursery will give you at the end of the day.

I have noticed his level of understanding, tolerance and use of different vocabulary have all dramatically improved and he is counting, or recognising letters and numbers, without prompting now, so what more can I ask really?

I think I just need to chill out……………or possibly install CCTV?