31 Mar

I’ve been struggling recently with balancing and prioritising the various areas of my life.

It’s certainly true to say that I have rather a lot on my plate at the moment, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Why do I seem to be the only person who struggles to know which tasks need to be prioritised? Why do I carry around enormous sackfuls of guilt about ‘neglecting’ my son when others in the same situation as me seem unburdened?
The dilemma is this:
I study in order to improve my career prospects for the future. This will hopefully enable me to work more from home, building a stable financial future for us all.
I need to work part-time until I can build up a big enough client base to support me working solely from home.
I feel that between studying, working & all the 101 other things I’m supposed to be doing I don’t get to spend enough time with my son where I am happy, free and not stressing about crossing another thing off of my mental to-do list!
Should I give up my studying? This would severely limit my future earning potential and be a painful reminder of all the other avenues of study I gave up on far too easily. I fear I would feel like a failure all over again.
Do I give up working? Financially this is just NOT an option.
What am I to do? Until someone invents a pill which gives me limitless energy so I can survive on approximately 3 hours sleep a week, I’m going to be stuck feeling guilty.

2 Responses to “Prioritising…”

  1. The Moiderer April 1, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    It is a tough position to be in. But you need to think that it is only for a limited time. Anything is possible if you know it will at least end. How much more time do you have left on your course? At least work is only part-time for now? I would find it a very hard choice myself I must say

  2. mummyinahurry June 21, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    Its tricky. I would say keep going (but then I stopped work last year as I couldn't do it all). If the subject you are studying will lead to a more fulfilling job, then try to stick with it as it will make you happier, and (hopefully) richer in the long run. Take whatever shortcuts you need. Let the housework and drudge go to pot, to give you more time to play with your son. And I know what you mean about prioritizing. I have so much to do I dont know where to start!!

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