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Deck the halls…..

17 Dec

I’m full of the festive spirit right now with a fun-packed weekend ahead including a Christmas meal with our NCT friends, a trip to Winter Wonderland with Aidan to see Santa, exchanging gifts with family we won’t see again before the New Year and lots and lots of present wrapping (probably whilst drinking wine & listening to cheesy Christmas music!)

I thought I’d just share with you a few snaps I’ve taken so far as I know I love to see other people’s decorations and preparations.

We buy one new decoration for the tree every year, although this year we got a bit carried away and bought seven, oops!

The 'big' tree for the 'grown-ups'!

Aidan's little tree - need a silver star for the top!

From the look on his face I think he just touched something he shouldn't, dont you?

Aidan's gift for after he visits Santa at Winter Wonderland as they only get a candy cane from there!

How cheeky does he look?

I’d love for you to post about the things that encourage you to ‘feel the festive spirit’ and to show me a picture of your tree and/or decorations so I’ve included a Linky Tools for you.

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What day is it?!

10 Dec

It has been a really manic time recently but finally, with exams out of the way, I have started thinking about, and planning for, Christmas.

I can’t say I’d really ‘felt the Christmas spirit’ though until yesterday.  Yesterday was a key day for several reasons.

1) I finally bought some new lights for both our Christmas trees.  This was really important to me as last year, due to moving/packing stresses, we had absolutely ZERO Christmas decorations and the year before we discovered our tree lights had been lost by hubby misplaced so we had a tree but no lights! I was determined to make the most of our bigger home this year and wasn’t going to miss out on fairy lights again!

2) We planned a shopping trip to finish off our present shopping.  I’ve been trying to do the majority online and actually started buying a few bits (mainly for Aidan!) back in October but there are some bits & pieces that are best bought in person at the shops.  Plus, it always helps me get in the Christmas mood & I simply HAVE to have a Starbucks red cup!

3) I booked the Christmas meal get-together for our NCT class at a local restaurant.  I’m really looking forward to it as we don’t seem to catch up so often anymore, and one family has recently moved back up to Lancashire so it really will be rarer that we see them from now on. Not sure the restaurant will be looking forward to 9 adults and 5 children though!!!

4) We’ve planned our trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park where we’re going to take Aidan to see Santa for the very first time.  At one point it seemed like we might not get a chance to do this so, when we took the decision of when we were going to go, I *may* have done a small dance!

5) I wrapped some presents for my nephews.  I’m not one for wrapping presents as I buy them as I quite look forward to having a wrapping marathon with a Christmas CD/film playing in the background but as my nephews live in Poland and their HUGE box of stuff from us & their grandparents is being couriered next week I thought it was best to get it done!

Anyway, I did actually utter the immortal phrase ‘Ooh, I’ve started feeling all Christmassy’ last night and this clip from Michael McIntyre immediately sprung to mind.  I know he’s like the stand-up equivalent of Marmite but he never fails to make me chuckle and I can honestly say THIS is exactly what I’ve been like/will be like. Enjoy!