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No pina coladas at preschool…..

7 Mar

It would appear that Aidan may have a pineapple allergy.

We’re not 100% sure but there have been a few coincidences that would be explained by it.

On Wednesday, Aidan was suffering with a cold all day.  Runny nose, bit off his food, coughing, grumpy and clingy.  It was fantastic fun as I’m sure you can imagine!  He managed a small amount of dinner (cottage pie, carrots, peas & sweetcorn factlovers!) with a glass of orange, lemon and pineapple squash.  He seemed tired and ready for bed but also a little upset and restless.  Daddy was just about to start his bedtime story when Aidan calmly told him he was going to be sick…..and he was, oh boy, he was!  Bless him though, he seemed much happier afterwards and even wanted to get involved in the clean-up operation.  (Did I mention he’s a bit weird?)

All was well overnight so, despite him still being a little grumpy, clingy & snotty on Thursday morning I went off to work leaving him with my Mum.  Apparently, he was tired, a bit quieter than usual and not massively hungry but generally okay all day.  I picked him up and came home with him at about 4:30pm when he promptly asked very nicely for some squash so I obliged.  He wasn’t particularly interested in any dinner but did manage a slice of toast.  All was fine until just before his bath when he started to get very upset, fidgety and restless again.  Within five minutes of this behaviour starting he was then sick again (in the toilet this time thankfully!) but, once again, seemed much happier afterwards.

I started racking my brains trying to think of some kind of connection and reason as to why he was only being sick in the evening.  He also had some small spots, (usual for Aidan when he has a virus) as well as some red, sore looking patches of skin on his legs.  Suddenly I remembered a traumatic experience last Spring when I’d taken him to the local aquarium and he’d become restless in his pushchair and then, about 5mins after exiting the shop, vomited all over himself and his pushchair.  Guess what?  About 30mins before we’d gone out he’d eaten some fresh pineapple.  He had a similar ‘rash’ then too.

After speaking to my Mum that evening she told me she remembered having an allergic reaction to pineapple as a child and my nephew had an allergic reaction to kiwi which I believe contains a similar enzyme.

I think it is something he’ll probably grow out of (my Mum did) and it doesn’t seem particularly severe in that it doesn’t cause his mouth & throat to swell as it does in some people.  It may even just be that the acidic nature of the pineapple aggravated mucus in his tummy from his cold (it always goes into his tummy!) and he’ll be fine with pineapple at other times.

So, I’m going to tell the preschool on Thursday that he shouldn’t have any pineapple as a precaution and then, when he’s fully over this cold, I’m thinking of trying him with that squash again so that I’ll know one way or another?  Would you do the same?