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Spring…A New Beginning?

2 Mar

So, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started my own blog.

Why now?

Maybe it’s the fact that March, with its bright, sunny mornings, really does bring to mind the possibility of a fresh start, a chance to make things better, the hope that something begun now will flourish and grow.

Maybe it’s because my frustration at merely thinking about doing things has peaked and this was the first thing I felt I could tackle to feel better about accomplishing something.

Or maybe its because I was supposed to be working from home this morning and this was a pleasant distraction!

I can’t promise I’ll find the time to make a blog entry every day as my life is rather jam-packed at the moment what with my 19 month old son, my self-employment as a trainee accountant, studying for my AAT qualification, trying to move house and my overwhelming addictions to both the television and Twitter, sometimes in tandem! I even have to try and find time to give my very patient husband some attention!

I’m also a bit of a Luddite so it will take a while until my blog is pretty and full of interesting things to click! Please be patient with me…..

What I can promise to deliver is an honest account of my experiences as I try and find my way to making the most of every aspect of my life!