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How would you sum me up? The 1 Word Meme

14 Mar

I’ve been very kindly tagged by Kate at The Five Fs to join in with Mummy From The Heart’s 1 Word Meme.

The idea behind it is that we are all guilty of being far too critical of ourselves and choosing to concentrate on the negatives rather than the positives.   I’m particularly bad at this and will always beat myself up about the things I haven’t done rather than patting myself on the back for the things I have done.  Mummy From The Heart’s explanation of how she came up with the idea for this meme is this:

This got me thinking about an email I received a few years back, one of those circular things that I normally hate but this one I loved and have never forgotten.  It was about the power of positive affirmations and how knowing what positive things others think of you can boost your own self-esteem.  It talked of an inspirational teacher who got all her children to write one positive word down to describe the other children in the class and then they had to hand them in.  The teacher then collated all the positive words for each child into a special sheet for them and handed it to them to read and keep.  They learnt that their peers saw them in ways they had never imagined and it had an immense effect on them.  The story goes that one of them died and a number of them attended the funeral and it was found that they all still had their lists 20 or so years later as they had been really touched by this loving gesture.  Did this really happen?  Who knows, but I love the sentiment of this story and therefore it does not matter to me if it was real.

Well, what about if us bloggers and virtual friends did something similar?  How marvellous would we all feel to learn these new facets of ourselves that we did not know existed.  Someone may say I am inspirational (another one I have heard about myself a few times recently) and me being me I would say ‘no not me’ but what have I done there?  Rubbished their opinion and that is not right, only they know if I have actually inspired them to do something.  If people are kind enough to give us a compliment we should be gracious enough to accept it…. and why not go one step further and actually go out and ask for it?

Well that is what I want us all to do.  I am creating a meme, called the 1 Word Meme and I would love for every one of us to be able to collate all the the positive words left by our real life friends, virtual friends and fellow bloggers so that we each have a sheet of positive affirmations to treasure and boost our self-esteem.

I’m really trying hard lately not to be such a pessimist or to give myself such a hard time so, although it goes against my nature, I’m going to ask you to describe me, in the comments below, in one word.  I look forward to reading what you all make of me!

As this is a meme, I’ll tag some other lovely bloggers.  Apologies if you’ve already been tagged!

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Not prepared…..

9 Mar

Aidan starts at preschool tomorrow afternoon.

I’m nervous about it but probably not for the right reasons.

I’m not worried about him enjoying it or having fun as I’m sure he will.

I’m not worried about him getting upset when he realises I won’t be staying there with him. I know he will get upset but I’m confident he’ll get over it quickly and start playing.

I’m not worried about the people there keeping him safe & nurturing his curiosity and desire to learn as much as he can. I trust my instincts (and an outstanding Ofsted report) that I’ve picked the right place.

I’m worried that he won’t remember to tell them when he needs to use the toilet. I’m worried he’ll have an accident and feel embarrassed.

I’m worried he won’t sit still and listen to them when it’s time for a story. I’m worried he’ll be thought of as ‘naughty’ or inattentive.

I’m worried he’ll be too rough with the other children and won’t share the toys nicely. I’m worried he’ll be labelled a little thug!

I’m worried that he’ll get confused when Nanny comes to pick him up, not Mummy.

I’m worried that he doesn’t have a cool backpack to take his spare clothes etc in.

I am a fruitloop.



He’s Just Not That Into You…

6 Feb

Yesterday was a better day. Aidan was well-behaved (90% of the time anyway!) & there was time for some discussion and planning of things I could possibly do to get some more time for myself (more on this another day).

One thing that will never fail to cheer me up though is when Aidan says something funny.

This morning he woke us up by trotting into our room, a little earlier than desired, full of the joys of Spring (which still feels a LONG way off) & dancing around the bed noisily.

When I suggested he might like to get into bed with us for a cuddle, he was a little reluctant but clambered in anyway. He was very resistant to my attempts to cuddle him though, eventually uttering the immortal phrase ‘No Mummy, I need my space’!

Errr, where did he hear that from? What’s next? ‘It’s not you Mummy, it’s me’ or ‘I think we should see other people’!

What can I say? He just isn’t that into me…..!

Still giggling now.

“Let your tears come, let them water your soul.”

4 Feb

It’s been a longer than promised absence yet again, so let me begin with an apology.  As those of you who follow me on Twitter may know I have been struggling with self-esteem issues since New Year.  I lay the blame for this firmly at the door of all those bloody annoying tremendously helpful, and not patronising at all, adverts, articles & phone-ins about ‘The New You’ and how you should can be healthier, wealthier and just generally more smug better.

Things were improving and there were a lot of positive things on the horizon.  Potty training Aidan went surprisingly well (although not without a few ‘issues’ that we’re still working on) but cabin fever did get the better of me and my usually fantastic *cough cough* levels of patience. I’ve found myself snapping at Aidan and feeling resentful of the lack of ‘me time’ which has, in turn, made me feel like a terrible mother who should be thoroughly ashamed of herself – vicious circle much?!

So today I did something I haven’t done for quite a while and it really wasn’t under the ideal circumstances.  I cried.  I don’t mean a few little tears either,  I mean full, body wracking, noisy, sobbing.  Bless Aidan, he didn’t quite know where to put himself but was on hand with his ‘Don’t cry Mummy’ as well as ‘Sorry Mummy’ and ‘Aidan cuddle Mummy, no upset anymore’. Needless to say I assured him he wasn’t at all to blame and was a very good boy, but I did, of course, take him up on his offer of a cuddle, and what a good cuddle it was too!

Do you know what though? It made me feel better,as though some of my stresses and frustrations were washed away with the tears.

It prompted me to do some research and I found the above quote from Eileen Mayhew as well as the following Jewish proverb which I am going to write somewhere I’ll see it everyday.

“What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul.”

Thanks for reading x

What day is it?!

10 Dec

It has been a really manic time recently but finally, with exams out of the way, I have started thinking about, and planning for, Christmas.

I can’t say I’d really ‘felt the Christmas spirit’ though until yesterday.  Yesterday was a key day for several reasons.

1) I finally bought some new lights for both our Christmas trees.  This was really important to me as last year, due to moving/packing stresses, we had absolutely ZERO Christmas decorations and the year before we discovered our tree lights had been lost by hubby misplaced so we had a tree but no lights! I was determined to make the most of our bigger home this year and wasn’t going to miss out on fairy lights again!

2) We planned a shopping trip to finish off our present shopping.  I’ve been trying to do the majority online and actually started buying a few bits (mainly for Aidan!) back in October but there are some bits & pieces that are best bought in person at the shops.  Plus, it always helps me get in the Christmas mood & I simply HAVE to have a Starbucks red cup!

3) I booked the Christmas meal get-together for our NCT class at a local restaurant.  I’m really looking forward to it as we don’t seem to catch up so often anymore, and one family has recently moved back up to Lancashire so it really will be rarer that we see them from now on. Not sure the restaurant will be looking forward to 9 adults and 5 children though!!!

4) We’ve planned our trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park where we’re going to take Aidan to see Santa for the very first time.  At one point it seemed like we might not get a chance to do this so, when we took the decision of when we were going to go, I *may* have done a small dance!

5) I wrapped some presents for my nephews.  I’m not one for wrapping presents as I buy them as I quite look forward to having a wrapping marathon with a Christmas CD/film playing in the background but as my nephews live in Poland and their HUGE box of stuff from us & their grandparents is being couriered next week I thought it was best to get it done!

Anyway, I did actually utter the immortal phrase ‘Ooh, I’ve started feeling all Christmassy’ last night and this clip from Michael McIntyre immediately sprung to mind.  I know he’s like the stand-up equivalent of Marmite but he never fails to make me chuckle and I can honestly say THIS is exactly what I’ve been like/will be like. Enjoy!

Errr…what happened to October?

1 Nov

So, my last post was 30th September.  That’s just shoddy blogmanship!

October was a crazy busy month and, whilst I can’t pretend that November is going to be relaxed (2 exams 1st week of December anyone?), I should have a bit more free time, especially in the evenings, for things that I actually want to do, like blogging!

I’ve got a few ideas swirling around in my head for future posts and I still haven’t written up one for Aidan’s 2nd birthday – maybe I’ll get it up just before his 3rd birthday!!!

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I’m still alive and will be posting again very very soon!

Food, glorious food!

30 Sep

Food is one of my greatest loves, much to the disappointment of my waistline!

I love eating (obviously!) and experimenting with new ingredients and flavour combinations but I also love just reading my cookery books from time to time as I find it incredibly relaxing.

As you can see, I have rather a lot (newest addition taking pride of place front and centre!) but I’m ashamed to say that I have only attempted recipes from a handful of them – its a disgrace! (Actually, I can sense a personal challenge forming here…..)

Apologies for a rubbish photo, I was rushing…

Ah, the lovely Nigella.....

This post was for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.  Go and join in yourself!