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Do they sell them in B&Q?

24 Mar

Trying to get information out of Aidan about what he did during his afternoon at pre-school is like trying to get AB+ from a pebble.

However, in his ‘I’m-so-tired-you-must-take-me-to-bed-now-this-instant-immediately-and-no-I-don’t-want-a-bath’ state one absolutely classic gem came out.

Aidan: “Mummy, I went in the cage”

Me: “The what now?!”

Aidan: “The cage, Mummy”

Further conversation was obviously beyond him as he then said ‘n’night’ & laid down.

So I’m left wondering, what the Hell is this ‘cage’ he’s referring to and, more to the point, as he’s clearly so exhausted from being in it, where can I get one?




Not prepared…..

9 Mar

Aidan starts at preschool tomorrow afternoon.

I’m nervous about it but probably not for the right reasons.

I’m not worried about him enjoying it or having fun as I’m sure he will.

I’m not worried about him getting upset when he realises I won’t be staying there with him. I know he will get upset but I’m confident he’ll get over it quickly and start playing.

I’m not worried about the people there keeping him safe & nurturing his curiosity and desire to learn as much as he can. I trust my instincts (and an outstanding Ofsted report) that I’ve picked the right place.

I’m worried that he won’t remember to tell them when he needs to use the toilet. I’m worried he’ll have an accident and feel embarrassed.

I’m worried he won’t sit still and listen to them when it’s time for a story. I’m worried he’ll be thought of as ‘naughty’ or inattentive.

I’m worried he’ll be too rough with the other children and won’t share the toys nicely. I’m worried he’ll be labelled a little thug!

I’m worried that he’ll get confused when Nanny comes to pick him up, not Mummy.

I’m worried that he doesn’t have a cool backpack to take his spare clothes etc in.

I am a fruitloop.